Protect your investment!  Don’t purchase a home without having a professional inspection done

  • Regardless of the age of the home you are considering it is always wise to have a Professional Home Inspection prior to closing.
  • A small investment now could avoid costly headaches later.
  • We provide a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home’s major systems in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Our standard Home inspections take an average of two to three hours to conduct.
  • We encourage buyers to accompany the inspector, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and to get a first hand account of the conditions of the home.
  • We help our buyers to become familiar with their new home, educating them on type of construction, maintenance, and operation of the various components.
  • Findings are documented in a computer written report which can be downloaded from this website or delivered at the site.
  • Digital photos are included in the report where needed.
  • We even provide a report summary highlighting the more significant issues.