The inspection fee is based on a few items like 1. Age 2. Square footage 3. Location however there is a base fee of $385.00 

While choosing a home inspection based on price alone could be tricky because one price may not be best suited for you’re needs and wants. Buyers some times asked what are your fee’s? I’m shopping! Ok, as a buyer asked yourself am I going to get a thorough inspection, full report, photos and recommendations or just a quick and easy 2-page report.  Also what kind of professional standards does the inspector follow, code of ethics, and do they carry E&0 insurance with General Liability coverage. Other items you may want to include are things like sprinkler system tested, inspected, is there any axillary items you want inspected ? such as Pool inspection, converted garage, special foundation inspection. these are all great questions to asked when getting the best bang for you’re buck! 


Certified Ashi Inspector