“Buying a house is exciting yet stressful. Realtors recommend an inspection report before you purchase. I was in a precarious situation…while I was out of town, I needed an inspection report for a property that I was buying in Bakersfield. Without a referral in the area, I was feeling like a vulnerable target. I found Beasley Home Inspection on the internet and called the number because I liked that I was calling the owner of the business. I left a voice message.

Within the hour, Raymond Beasley returned my call. We discussed my situation and he was understanding, informative, and clearly had my best interest in mind. Although he had a full schedule already, he was able to make the necessary arrangements to inspect the property within the same week AND produce the report! I was very satisfied with his attention to detail and his fair assessment of the property, not to mention his prompt delivery!

Since my initial contact with Ray, we have worked together on two other projects in Bakersfield and I consider him a very reliable contact in the Bakersfield area. It’s a comfort and a pleasure doing business with a professional like Raymond Beasley.”